Where can we find the cast?

The 7 Point Highlander Podcast can be found on almost any platform that is compatible with your Apple or Android device. Simply search your default cast app that your phone or tablet uses for “7 Point Highlander” and we will be there for you! Failing that, we are available in-browser too, via Anchor at https://anchor.fm/7-point-highlander-cast/

What is the latest goss?

Follow us on Twitter over here https://twitter.com/HighlanderCast where you can keep your finger on the pulse… and also win some of our sweet giveaways!

How can I support the Highlander Podcast?

You might just enjoy our cast so much that you’d like to become a Patreon. Take a look at our page at https://www.patreon.com/highlandercast/overview  where we also offer some special boons to our lovely supporters 🙂

How can I develop my own Highlander list?

Your first pit stop is here for archetype information (namely the Decks tab above), and you can build a solid understanding of the Highlander meta via the bite-sized videos in the 7 Minute 7 Point Series which can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAN9TCydHjw&list=PLV8B_NP9C9gNLna3EoOaGq2-O04D5TMTB

Then, jump on to our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/266315333384411/?fref=nf or our Discord channel is here where you can continue the discussion!

Anything else I should know?

Last of all, we would like to extend a huge thank you to our contributors. Some of you will be appearing on future episodes, so thanks in advance, but two key players have been:

Jackson the McCall-Pearce, the Adelaide Eternal team’s music composer, who turned his skills to create our sweet intro and outro!

Nick Jeffries, a powerful Broken Hill wizard not only skilled in the art of Highlander but also the art of… art! Thanks for the graphics Nick

The positive support we have received from the Highlander community with getting this cast up and running has been humbling, and we look forward to continuing to bring you all a quality podcast that will brighten your commute.

Vance, Milly, and Sarv out!