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Basically Bloody Salty

This is write up about moon effects, specifically Back to Basics, Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon. The argument for adding a point to Blood Moon and Back to Basics is one full of misunderstanding and confusion. Luke did a write up on his blog at arguing why they shouldn’t be pointed, but even a quick read of his article hints at a strong justification for pointing moon effects. So I’m just going to take apart his argument one step at a time and use his own reasons to show why both Blood Moon and Back to Basics deserve a point. Read More



Hi everyone,

A decklist creator has been added to the site. You’ll now be able to create and print off decklists on a nice looking registration form. The form also supports Australian Highlander lists and copypastas from most online sites and tools. Special thanks to Fry for his work in configuring the software for Highlander and to the creator April King.

Congrats to Jacob Dunn, Matthew Vaughan and Lachlan Wardsmith for taking down Vintage, Legacy and Highlander Masters. Condolences to Graham King, ever the bridesmaid, never the bride. If you have the Legacy lists from the event it’d be awesome if you could upload them here, they seem to have been lost in the Aether. Props to us for getting a version of Wardsmith’s winning deck up a year before the event! Read More

Golden Ladybug

Godo, Highlander Champion

A week ago, I was just a typical Planeswalker, doing my best to sneak in extra preparation for the Highlander National Championship, fully aware that I wouldn’t be able to borrow an Ancestral Recall for my control deck. So I put together a list that would use Sol Ring to power out quick four mana spells to fuel lots of cute graveyard interactions like Sedraxis Specter, Rise // Fall, Unburial Rites, Dig Through Time and Treasure Cruise. It seemed passable, but I felt it wasn’t amazing. It was too clunky to function without an early Sol Ring, and even when I had the turn 1 Sol Ring, I felt that it still couldn’t quite match the competition. Read More


Vintage: A Shaman’s Tale

Vintage is one of the most unique and powerful formats you can experience. Vintage is turn one Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Vintage is turn one Trinisphere and a Lodestone Golem. Vintage is also taking 13 points of damage from a Gorilla Shaman. Vintage is also both players cast Force of Will, Mana Drain and Flusterstorm they both have no cards in hand until the board state is just land. I cannot recommend it enough. Whether you print off decks to play against your friends, or you’re lucky enough to be able to play in paper. Now with vintage becoming available online, the format is seeing a lot more widespread play and I am excited to see what the Internet can come up with. Read More


Highlander from the Top Down

“Josh, is Splinter Twin a deck in Highlander?”
“Can we make it one?”

Shane mentioned in one of his earlier articles that some Highlander decks are built on “niche (terrible) combos”.  I’m here to show you the steps I took to construct a deck based around a specific, niche combo, One of the easiest mistakes to make when building decks for Highlander is to have too many ideas, including too many niche cards, and then finding that your deck is unfocused and doesn’t perform optimally in any role. These steps will help you to refine your deck construction. Read More



A couple of weeks ago I managed to win a Mox Emerald at the vintage main event at Good Games Town Hall’s Eternal Weekend with a unique take on Oath of Druids and Gush.  When I was preparing for the tournament, I didn’t have much time left to figure out a list, and I had lost faith in my latest Salvagers Oath brew. I needed something new. I was out of ideas and was hoping Bazaar of Moxen would give me some inspiration. Luckily, Gwen de Schamphelaere’s Tezzeret/Oath deck from the Bazaar of Moxen vintage main event was fantastic. Read More

Lachlan Ward-Smith

Academy Draw Seven

“Tolarian Academy, tap for six, cast Time Spiral?” Your opponent may sigh and glance towards the game timer, but that hardly matters, because not only is casting Time Spiral incredibly fun, you have probably just won the game.

Of course in highlander only a single copy of Time Spiral is permitted, and it isn’t free. However, changes to the points list over the past year mean you can now afford to play multiple draw seven effects without spending all your points. Let’s take a look at the relevant changes which help this deck out. Read More


Hard Control in Vintage

Landstill is a Vintage deck that’s been around for years, and I’m going to show you that hard control is still a force to be reckoned with! The concept of the deck is simple, counter anything relevant that your opponent plays, attack their mana base , recoup card advantage with Crucible of Worlds, Standstill and Jace, the Mind Sculptor and eventually find a way to win. There are parallels between Landstill and Workshops. The significant difference between the decks is that Workshops acts pro-actively to lock its opponent out of the game while Landstill players deal with their opponents re-actively on the stack, using Standstil as a tool to ensure that they win the card advantage war and the battle for dominance on the stack. Read More


Reanimating in Highlander

Highlander decks built by Canberra players are traditionally known for greedy mana bases, fringe cards, and niche (terrible) combos. My new Reanimator list is a typical Canberra deck. Considering the unusual amounts of praise the deck has received from other Magic Players including ‘It’s OK’ (from Juzza, high praise indeed), ‘I mean, I wouldn’t want to play against you’ (not sure if he meant me or the deck) and ‘I thought you usually played bad decks’ I think the community might be starting to recognise that Reanimator has become a player in the Highlander metagame. Read More

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