Hi everyone,

A decklist creator has been added to the site. You’ll now be able to create and print off decklists on a nice looking registration form. The form also supports Australian Highlander lists and copypastas from most online sites and tools. Special thanks to Fry for his work in configuring the software for Highlander and to the creator April King.

Congrats to Jacob Dunn, Matthew Vaughan and Lachlan Wardsmith for taking down Vintage, Legacy and Highlander Masters. Condolences to Graham King, ever the bridesmaid, never the bride. If you have the Legacy lists from the event it’d be awesome if you could upload them here, they seem to have been lost in the Aether. Props to us for getting a version of Wardsmith’s winning deck up a year before the event!

I’m moving away from Magic, but will be keeping this site up. I think it’s important to have somewhere outside of Facebook where Highlander results are recorded. Facebook is a terrible place to store information. Both Jacob Dunn and Fry have offered to help manage the site into the future, thanks to you both.

Lastly, this is an open blog. If you want to hammer anything out, just get in touch with us through the forums or Facebook and we’ll get you set up.

Cheers guys