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    Magic Geek

    Thank you

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    Magic Geek

    I came back to edit, and the time has expired….

    Established Archetypes
    These established decks don’t necessarily need to be Tier 1.5, Tier 2, or even tiered at all, but they must have at least undergone a rigorous testing process showing they are competitive against a diverse meta. In the hands of a skilled pilot, these Established Archetypes have the ability to Top 8 a local event. If you’re wondering whether to post a list here, consider whether you’d recommend it as a valid archetype to the average player looking to get into Highlander in an unknown meta.

    This thing is at least Tier 1.5, and this is EXACTLY what an average player should go for, because it is WAY CHEAP.
    They wont, because it is green and filled with unique, weird (& cheap) cards, but they should.

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    Magic Geek

    “the system is in place to ensure people can’t wreak havoc on eachother’s posts.”
    Look, that is just dumb.

    NOWHERE can a standard user ‘Wreak Havoc’ on someone elses’ post.
    EVERYWHERE they can modify their own words.

    I am trying to change (and improve) my own words, not someone elses’.

    As example, look at facebook.
    I can change MY words, not someone elses’.

    And yes.
    I have won two small tournaments at the Maze of Fitzroy .
    I went 3-1 at the Highlander at the Mythic C back a couple of months ago. (4 opponents were playing Kess Pile)
    My last 4 rounds have been at tournaments that failed to fire.
    I won all four.
    I have done poorly in exactly one tournament that I can remember 1-4 at Masters at Dandenong NLG, and sadly that was the only one that mattered.
    Close, close, close, and a complete blowout to f’kn Flash.
    About half the rounds I lose are to Flash Hulk
    Just dunno what to do about it.
    The deck is Established, not Developing.
    The deck has developed. It has morphed, and improved.
    I am unsure what I would change about it.

    If the requirement to be in Established is that other people are playing it, well, that seems unlikely.
    This is a GREEN deck. People do not play them, because they suck.

    Having to physically stop people because I have counter-spelled with a Guttural Response is normal.
    As is explaining ‘Protection from Blue’

    I mean, Look at the decks in these forums.
    Purest Green aint like any of them. The majority of my cards are not in any of the other decks here.
    The only kinda green decks are Elves, and that is a combo deck based on casting Craterhoof.

    This deck gets insulted and laughed at.
    And it wins.

    Last night I beat W/B good stuff, U/R restrictions, and Rainbow Cheaty Monster
    Wheel of the Sun & Moon & Graf-diggers cage actually won games.

    The most effective card was the Dryad Arbor.
    Titania with Constant Mists, works.
    Talara’s Battalion on turn 2. (& Steel Leaf Champion)

    He went first with a Delver, Turn 2 he hit for 3, Turn 3 I cast Skylasher, Block
    He casts burnwipe, I cast Choke
    Counterspells do not work on most of my creatures

    Go Ahead, Toxic Deluge a Nullhide Ferrox
    OK fine, I lose to a turn 1 Griselbrand, Turn 2 Iona

    This deck isnt really a ‘Ramp’ deck at all.
    That perhaps is the example of why it isnt developing, but developed.
    I do not need all those card I was playing when it was a ‘Ramp’ deck, so they have mostly gone. No Genesis Hydra, Primeavel Titan, Wasp, Primalcrux, Wolfbriar Elemental. . . nuthin’
    I mean, the Carnage Tyrant is in the board.
    All the cards I am playing are so effective I just do not need the ramp spells. Originally, when I was developing it, I was playing 3 ramp spells that cost 3 and got 2 Forests. But, I just do not need them, or the thumpers that needed that mana. Everything is cheaper, and often more effective. Things like Yavimaya Dryad & Jadelight Ranger do the same job, and also kill people. (Forest walk is surprisingly effective, sometimes).

    And Reliably does not need to mulligan. It is a Mono Coloured deck with a heap of Mana dorks, and cheap effective creatures.
    It is VERY reliable.
    Everyone elses deck may be able to do better if they get the perfect draw, but this usually mounts an effective boardstate.
    They have to get a better one, and they REALLY do not have much time.
    The sideboard is coming together too.
    Sideboarding was HARD for this, mostly in what to take out.
    I can be subbing in and out 9 or 10 cards, and they are different one too.

    The deck is strong, and strange.
    It feels finished. Maybe it could use another fetchland, but, mostly it seems done.

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    Magic Geek

    Looks like it is time restricted. . . . Yuck !

    I would like to go back in and complete the first wave of descriptions.
    And add highliting
    And paragraphing
    And formatting
    Improve grammar & Layout

    And colours
    And sideboarding advice
    And cards that didnt make it
    And cards that did make it but got replaced

    Include design philosophy
    Add strengths / Weaknesses

    And most importantly, add Results . . . . . . But, I cant

    Oh well.
    Not being allowed to improve posts just because of some arbitrary restriction Seriously BLOWS


    I am currently in the process of making a PRIMER on a different website
    A primer requires dozens of edits to make it look perfect
    That just isnt possible here, with every post being a first draft

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    Magic Geek

    Not being able to edit these posts is really frustrating. . .
    Wonder why I can edit this one. ?

    Does clicking off ‘Keep a log of this edit’ stop it being editable?


    Hey admin?
    Can you make it so I can edit the first 2 posts?

    in reply to: Purest Green : Meta Mid-Range #1425
    Magic Geek

    Fast Green Sources
    8 Forest
    Windswept Heath
    Wooded Foothills
    Centaur Garden
    Horizon Canopy
    Waterlogged Grove
    Nuturing Peatland

    Slow Green Sources
    Treetop Village
    Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
    Dryad Arbor

    Colourless support land
    Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

    City of Traitors
    Green Sun’s Zenith +
    Sol Ring +++

    Fast Manlands
    Mishra’s Factory

    Land Interference
    Wasteland +
    Strip Mine +

    Ramp creatures – 1 Cost
    Birds of Paradise
    Elvish Mystic
    Fyndhorn Elves
    LLanowar Elves
    Noble Hierarch

    Ramp creatures – 2 Cost
    Paradise Druid
    Rattleclaw Mystic

    Ramp creatures – 3 Cost
    Yavimaya Dryad
    Jadelight Ranger

    Aggro/Interference creatures – 1 Cost
    Dryad Militant
    Pelt Collector

    Aggro creatures – 2 Cost
    Avatar of the Resolute
    Strangleroot Geist
    Talara’s Battalion

    Aggro creatures – 3 Cost
    Boon Satyr – going Flash+Enchant does win games
    Prowling Serpopard – is a 4/3 for 3, and it can just win the game against Counterspells
    Great Sable Stag – is a complete surprise against a whole lot of decks. TNN does not understand, and Black Cant see it either
    Steel Leaf Champion – is turn 2 goodness

    Aggro creatures – 4 Cost
    Vengevine – On turn 2, or recurred, is a shock. As is just haste and kill the planeswalker
    Thrun, the Last Troll – Hidden Thump that can’t be countered
    Shifting Ceratops – Blue Nemesis
    Nullhide Ferox – Discard protection and a size 6 body
    Wilt-Leaf Liege – Discard protection and a Lord
    Garruk Wildspeaker – Mana and creatures

    Win Cards – 5 Cost
    Titania, Protector of Argoth – is a big dumb win condition. Sometimes she dies, and I should win when she doesn’t. She is a good reason to play another 1-2 fetchland or the Prismatic Vista.

    Whisperwood Elemental – is pretty similar, but more effective against board wipe

    Nissa, Who Shakes the World – is similar. And funny with Forests

    Other Stuff
    Sylvan Library – is often a draw 3 cards, and filter from then on. It is kind of a mana source since it will find extra land, but it can also get you dead if you are not careful.
    There are a couple of fetch landsand the GSZ to shuffle, but it is not trying to be long term. Hurry up and win

    Harmonize – is simple efficient card draw, and very unusual in Green.

    Ramunap Excavator – is a way to recur the Wasteland and Stripmine as a lock. Fetch land and Horizon Land are also just fine to recur. As is the Dryad Arbor as a permanent blocker when needed, at a pinch.

    Umezawa’s Jitte – is just really good a lot of the time, and worth sideboarding against some creatureless decks.

    Mistcutter Hydra – is AMAZING against a whole lot of the field. Planeswalkers hate it when you sail past the TNN and sack the Quarterback.

    Sideboard analysis
    SB: Grafdigger’s Cage
    SB: Reclamation Sage
    SB: Uktabi Orangutan
    SB: Collector Ouphe
    SB: Constant Mists
    SB: Wheel of Sun and Moon
    SB: Groundbreaker
    SB: Giant Solifuge
    SB: Hidden Gibbons
    SB: Guttural Response
    SB: Vexing Shusher
    SB: Carnage Tyrant
    SB: Choke
    SB: Tsunami
    SB: Walking Ballista

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