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  • Nice report, the deck looks great.

    I’m planning on playing a different deck each week in the league so I’ll be sure to give this a try. When I play it the points will probably look like: Recall [4], Mana Drain [1], True Name Nemesis [1], Merchant Scroll/Force/Wasteland [1]. I feel like Mana Drain will be fantastic with all the walkers, and that True Name Nemesis is too good in highlander not to run. (Although perhaps not if you’re running The Abyss…)

    Also if you want to keep your green splash then another card you can consider for ramp is Deathrite Shaman, as it’s also a Planeswalker, even providing that aforementioned life-gain. (Again not a great option with The Abyss).

    You definitely want Baleful Strix.

    I assume the Seat is for the potential Trinket Mage, but it’s really bad vs Bant decks, giving them random targets for Sex Monkeys and Predators, both of which are tutorable. If you are going to go with Trinket Mage you probably want a Diving Top too.

    If you’re going to be running the Lab you really want to consider Vendillion Clique. After Snapcaster and TTN its easily one of the most efficient blue creatures ever printed, and its another card you can mystical teachings for.

    Another card that hasn’t shown up in any of the lists here that’s also worth considering is Batterskull.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)