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    Hi everyone, I’m planning on going to the GP in Brisbane in about a weeks time and while looking over the side events page I noticed Australian Highlander listed as a format. Curious, I found this website and like the sounds of it. I’m considering trying to build a deck before then and I’d like some help building it.

    I’ll start with a list of all the pointed cards I own.
    Sol Ring
    Dig Through Time
    Mystical Tutor
    Birthing Pod
    Crop Rotation (though no cradle, etc)
    Green Sun’s Zenith
    Oath of Druids
    Merchant Scroll
    Treasure Cruise

    My first idea was storm, as I’m trying to build legacy Doomsday storm and have many of the pieces, however, I don’t have the LED’s, much in the way of the manabase, or any power at all, so unless there’s some super budget list running around i figured that would be off the table. Then I noticed Birthing Pod on the points list. Pod has always been one of the decks I wanted to get into before it got banned in modern and I enjoy the toolboxy style of deck it fits into, so that might be a good option. At the moment I’m torn between a Kiki Pod variant and one more similar to Nic Fit in Legacy. I don’t really want to go over three colours as my access to good lands is pretty limited, I only own a handful of shocks and a single Polluted Delta. I noticed that in recent tournaments only a Melira Pod deck has put up results, however I already have a Kiki-Jiki and some of the things that work with him, so I’d rather go for the Kiki variant.

    Are these types of pod decks reasonably competitive? I don’t expect to win that mox up for offer, but I don’t want to get stomped into the ground by blue decks. Any suggestions of what I should build?



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