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    Sarven McLintonSarven McLinton

    PRIMER: Infect

    The BUG Infect experienced analogous evolution in a few locations. Sarven McLinton developed the following list and refined for streamlined speed. The deck is featured in a video deck tech here:

    The deck list is available in XMage downloadable format below, but for ease of reference here is the graphic where the cards are sorted by category:



    The list below can be directly opened in Xmage for your convenience, although the program does not track points (which are: Emerald *** Crop * Force * Jitte * Waste *).

    1 [KLD:160] Larger Than Life
    1 [MBS:41] Flensermite
    1 [ALL:42] Force of Will
    1 [NPH:2] Apostle’s Blessing
    1 [ZEN:220] Misty Rainforest
    1 [FUT:174] Dryad Arbor
    1 [MMQ:87] Misdirection
    1 [M11:70] Preordain
    1 [ZEN:229] Verdant Catacombs
    1 [AVR:203] Wild Defiance
    1 [ZEN:223] Scalding Tarn
    1 [BFZ:192] Sylvan Scrying
    1 [SOM:112] Blight Mamba
    1 [GTC:240] Breeding Pool
    1 [TMP:340] Wasteland
    1 [XLN:81] Spell Pierce
    1 [3ED:283] Bayou
    1 [NPH:111] Glistener Elf
    1 [TSB:120] Pendelhaven
    1 [ZEN:193] Vines of Vastwood
    1 [RTR:141] Abrupt Decay
    1 [GTC:195] Simic Charm
    1 [NPH:116] Mutagenic Growth
    1 [KTK:130] Become Immense
    1 [CON:87] Noble Hierarch
    1 [NEM:30] Daze
    1 [OGW:47] Slip Through Space
    1 [SOM:75] Plague Stinger
    1 [MBS:125] Plague Myr
    1 [SOM:166] Ichorclaw Myr
    1 [SOM:185] Necropede
    1 [ODY:316] Centaur Garden
    1 [2ED:262] Mox Emerald
    1 [MMQ:254] Invigorate
    1 [WWK:104] Groundswell
    1 [ROE:60] Distortion Strike
    1 [KTK:248] Windswept Heath
    1 [BOK:163] Umezawa’s Jitte
    1 [KTK:249] Wooded Foothills
    1 [2ED:94] Berserk
    1 [MMQ:61] Brainstorm
    1 [M13:221] Cathedral of War
    1 [IMA:55] Flusterstorm
    1 [3ED:305] Underground Sea
    1 [3ED:303] Tropical Island
    1 [NPH:35] Gitaxian Probe
    1 [KLD:146] Blossoming Defense
    1 [NPH:38] Mental Misstep
    1 [M12:73] Ponder
    1 [MRD:152] Chrome Mox
    1 [TSP:204] Might of Old Krosa
    1 [KTK:239] Polluted Delta
    1 [KTK:233] Flooded Strand
    1 [M13:185] Rancor
    1 [RIX:193] Island
    1 [RIX:196] Forest
    1 [MBS:145] Inkmoth Nexus
    1 [NPH:29] Blighted Agent
    1 [ULG:98] Crop Rotation
    1 [ORI:60] Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy
    SB: 1 [SOM:187] Nihil Spellbomb
    SB: 1 [JUD:130] Seedtime
    SB: 1 [RAV:82] Darkblast
    SB: 1 [5ED:94] Hydroblast
    SB: 1 [WWK:132] Bojuka Bog
    SB: 1 [5ED:191] Sylvan Library
    SB: 1 [ROE:115] Inquisition of Kozilek
    SB: 1 [WWK:108] Nature’s Claim
    SB: 1 [NPH:159] Spellskite
    SB: 1 [THS:107] Thoughtseize
    SB: 1 [NEM:48] Submerge
    SB: 1 [WTH:154] Null Rod
    SB: 1 [DKA:149] Grafdigger’s Cage
    SB: 1 [MMQ:162] Snuff Out
    SB: 1 [ORI:71] Send to Sleep
    LAYOUT MAIN:(1,6)(CMC,false,95)|([FUT:174],[ZEN:220],[ZEN:229],[KTK:239],[KTK:249],[KTK:248],[KTK:233],[ZEN:223],[3ED:303],[GTC:240],[3ED:283],[3ED:305],[RIX:196],[RIX:193],[TMP:340],[2ED:262],[MRD:152])([BFZ:192],[MBS:41],[MBS:125],[SOM:112],[SOM:166],[SOM:185],[SOM:75],[NPH:29],[ULG:98],[MBS:145],[NPH:111])([BOK:163],[RTR:141],[M11:70],[MMQ:61],[NPH:35],[M12:73],[ORI:60])([AVR:203],[GTC:195],[XLN:81],[IMA:55],[KLD:146],[ZEN:193],[NPH:2],[NEM:30],[NPH:38],[ALL:42],[MMQ:87])([KTK:130],[WWK:104],[TSP:204],[NPH:116],[MMQ:254],[CON:87],[TSB:120],[M13:221],[ODY:316])([KLD:160],[2ED:94],[M13:185],[ROE:60],[OGW:47])
    LAYOUT SIDEBOARD:(1,3)(CMC,false,100)|([WTH:154],[WWK:108],[DKA:149],[SOM:187],[WWK:132])([5ED:94],[MMQ:162],[NEM:48],[RAV:82],[ORI:71])([NPH:159],[5ED:191],[ROE:115],[THS:107],[JUD:130])

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