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    • Top Tier Archetypes
      Established Archetypes that have consistently Top 8'ed a variety of events (usually in the hands of different pilots) are considered 'Top Tier'. When you're building your own 75 you should keep these Top Tier decks in the back of your mind as the 'Decks to Beat'. Whilst the meta differs from state to state, this section is for those undeniably iconic decks that players think of when you say the word "Highlander".
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    • Established Archetypes
      These established decks don't necessarily need to be Tier 1.5, Tier 2, or even tiered at all, but they must have at least undergone a rigorous testing process showing they are competitive against a diverse meta. In the hands of a skilled pilot, these Established Archetypes have the ability to Top 8 a local event. If you're wondering whether to post a list here, consider whether you'd recommend it as a valid archetype to the average player looking to get into Highlander in an unknown meta.
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    • Developing Archetypes
      Brews, new ideas, pet decks, and quirky interactions: This is your one-stop shop for thinking outside the established archetypes and getting feedback on cool new lists that could, with extensive testing, one day become Established.
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