Our beloved site has received a revamp! Whilst AusEternal is an outlet for Legacy and Vintage too, the primary reason players visit the site is in the search for information on Highlander (everyone’s favourite format). Until now it has been tricky for newer players to locate Highlander deck lists, and in addition, the valuable discussions that we have on FaceBook about archetypes end up getting pushed down the front page.


The new site structure is now designed to be more user-friendly specifically for deck and metagame discussion. There is a dedicated tab above for HIGHLANDER DECKS which takes you straight to the new forum, in which we have about three-dozen threads each dedicated to a specific Archetype. The Archetypes are loosely organised into three categories:

  • ‘Top Tier’ (for the consistent Top 8 performances by different pilots)
  • ‘Established’ (competitive decks that can perform nicely in the right hands)
  • ‘Developing’ (for new brews and cool ideas that have yet to be extensively tested)


If you have a new deck idea to suggest, feel free to start a thread in the Developing Archetypes section and when it’s been tested Admin will move your creation into the Established category. If there’s an existing deck that doesn’t fit into the loose Archetype classifications that I’ve already created, let me know and I’ll set it up for you. Otherwise try and see whether discussion of that deck variation fits within the existing threads. For example, another deck of the same colours and play-style, e.g. your UB brew that uses Standstill might fit loosely under the UB Tempo archetype, so suggest your list in that Archetype thread first and we’ll see whether it plays differently enough to need a separate thread or not. This is in the interests of parsimony and keeping the forums nicely organised for ease of reference.


Many of the Archetypes have Primers already written or copied from aficionados on FB, but a handful are placeholders waiting for some brave soul to write a guide. If you are that hero, feel free to reply to the thread with your Primer and I’ll copy it into the OP with credits directly to you of course.


Last, if you know of some coverage in which a particular Archetype is featured, please post a link to that match in the relevant thread. That way future players looking to try the deck can not only read the Primer but also enjoy watching their potential new deck in action!


Thanks for supporting the AusEternal site and we look forward to bringing the greatest format to as many players as possible. Cheers! Sarv.