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Month: October 2018

Sarven McLinton

AE Highlander Challenge

Adelaide Eternal Highlander Challenge (July 2018)
Feature Match Video Coverage playlist:


1st Sarven McLinton – “RUG Life” (RUG Tempo)
2nd Beckett Wolfe – “Junk” (WBG Midrange)
3rd Luke McGlaughlin – “Death & Taxes” (W Aggro)
4th Drew Carter – “Jeskai Aggro” (WUR Aggro)
5th Riley Beck – “Lotus-Ruby Burn” (R Aggro)
6th Isaac Davis – “Gardening Australia” (WBG Midrange)
7th Ryan Parry – “Hootie and the BUG Fish” (BUG Tempo)
8th James Arthur – “Dark Bant/Nono-R Greed” (WUBG Midrange)

9th Amrith Manoharan – “Sultai Lands” (BUG Midrange)
10th Adam Kinnaird – “Tempo Twin” (wUR Tempo)
11th Nekta Nicolaou – “Azorius Vault” (UW Combo)
12th Simon Hall – “Food Chain Tinker Pile?” (RUGw Combo)
13th Socrates Stavropoulos – “ANNIHILATOR SIX” (UR Control)
14th Tomo Jovanovic – “Neeman Burn” (RB Aggro)
15th RJ Hill – “Jeskai Delver” (WUR Tempo)
16th Chris Jeisman – “Jund’em” (BRG Midrange)

DECK TECH for RUG Life from the 7 Minute 7 Point Series: Read More

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