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Month: March 2018

Sarven McLinton

Adelaide Highlander (March 2018)

Adelaide Eternal Highlander Challenge

30 Players

March 2018

Top 16 Decklists are presented below, and feature match video coverage is here:

I’d like to take this opportunity to also say that I’m humbled by the number of players who were not afraid to sleeve up my unique brews, including one of my budget lists (woah!). I won’t take credit for Kess Pile which has experienced analogous evolution around Australia, but three of my brews Top 8-ed in the hands of some excellent players. Results include “Hootie & the BUG Fish” (3rd place this weekend, and a 2nd place finish last month), “ANNIHILATOR SIX” (5th place here, and 1st last month, plus a smattering of Top 16’s here too), and even my BUDGET list “Gruul Moon” (7th place this weekend in a field of decks many, many times the price!). I’d just like to say a very warm ‘thank you’ to all the players who have embraced my brews and piloted them to such great finishes, namely Luke Jefferey, Douglas Coff, Ryan Parry, JtMP, Soc (apologies to anyone I missed!). Some of you I hadn’t even met before and the moment I saw you rock up and jam one of my brews (and do the decks proud to such awesome finishes) made me feel very honoured. Thank you! Read More

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