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Month: June 2014



A couple of weeks ago I managed to win a Mox Emerald at the vintage main event at Good Games Town Hall’s Eternal Weekend with a unique take on Oath of Druids and Gush.  When I was preparing for the tournament, I didn’t have much time left to figure out a list, and I had lost faith in my latest Salvagers Oath brew. I needed something new. I was out of ideas and was hoping Bazaar of Moxen would give me some inspiration. Luckily, Gwen de Schamphelaere’s Tezzeret/Oath deck from the Bazaar of Moxen vintage main event was fantastic. Read More

Lachlan Ward-Smith

Academy Draw Seven

“Tolarian Academy, tap for six, cast Time Spiral?” Your opponent may sigh and glance towards the game timer, but that hardly matters, because not only is casting Time Spiral incredibly fun, you have probably just won the game.

Of course in highlander only a single copy of Time Spiral is permitted, and it isn’t free. However, changes to the points list over the past year mean you can now afford to play multiple draw seven effects without spending all your points. Let’s take a look at the relevant changes which help this deck out. Read More

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