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Month: May 2014


Hard Control in Vintage

Landstill is a Vintage deck that’s been around for years, and I’m going to show you that hard control is still a force to be reckoned with! The concept of the deck is simple, counter anything relevant that your opponent plays, attack their mana base , recoup card advantage with Crucible of Worlds, Standstill and Jace, the Mind Sculptor and eventually find a way to win. There are parallels between Landstill and Workshops. The significant difference between the decks is that Workshops acts pro-actively to lock its opponent out of the game while Landstill players deal with their opponents re-actively on the stack, using Standstil as a tool to ensure that they win the card advantage war and the battle for dominance on the stack. Read More


Reanimating in Highlander

Highlander decks built by Canberra players are traditionally known for greedy mana bases, fringe cards, and niche (terrible) combos. My new Reanimator list is a typical Canberra deck. Considering the unusual amounts of praise the deck has received from other Magic Players including ‘It’s OK’ (from Juzza, high praise indeed), ‘I mean, I wouldn’t want to play against you’ (not sure if he meant me or the deck) and ‘I thought you usually played bad decks’ I think the community might be starting to recognise that Reanimator has become a player in the Highlander metagame. Read More

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